Sometimes we need an outside pair of eyes to look in on our business to spot opportunities and gaps. I can be that pair of eyes, I will help you identify training gaps, support growth plans or even place the right people into your business.

My consulting work has supported many businesses and individuals; I have helped them with:

  • Support – I provide the support you need to direct you/your business in the right direction
  • Challenge – I challenge the decisions you make that will affect your business, making sure you have thought of all potential outcomes and possibilities
  • Opportunities – I will help to identify potential opportunities that you may not have seen or indeed thought of
  • Identify – I will identify gaps within your business, these may be skill or process gaps that need closing before we move on to introduce any training or coaching programmes
  • Meetings – I can sit in on your management meetings and provide feedback on how things can be done more efficiently
  • Recruitment – I can sign post you to individuals that could be the ideal person for a role you have available


I am extremely passionate about leadership, management and personal development and I’m very much looking forward to meeting you, please get in touch 01423 398502.

To find out more about my management & leadership training programmes held in Yorkshire