If we’ve not met before, I’m Diane Mason, an experienced trainer and coach who has been there, done that, and worn the t-shirt!

My passion is people and helping support them to be the best they can be.

I’ve worked in various business sectors, supporting all levels of team members from the ground up to Owner / Director level. Over the last 7 years I’ve been running my own leadership, management and personal development business to support businesses with growth, teamwork and employee engagement.

Our minds are habitual machines, most of what we do, think, and feel, is the same as we did, thought and felt, yesterday.  So, if most of our behaviour is pretty much on auto-pilot, then nothing changes until we consciously raise our awareness and start to do something new.

Often people land in the wrong job through promotion or misguided recruitment, or are being managed by someone, whose style and skill level doesn’t create the environment which sparks self-motivation, ownership, accountability and ambition. Often miscommunication and lack of skill or experience is responsible in these situations, leading more often than not, to poor performance in the role and the business results.

If there is a lack of trust and productive conflict within your business, this can result in poor half-hearted commitment, a lack of accountability, or even a blame culture, which in turn results in poor overall team performance.

DMM Training and Development

My role is to uncover these problems and tackle them head on. This way everyone gains the best outcome and can achieve their own personal work goals, contributing to the overall company success. This usually starts with communication! Communication is at the heart of everything we do in life, whether that’s in the work place, or in home life, and I believe that by creating an open and honest environment, the workplace can become a better, more positive and fun place to be.

I have a natural ability to both connect with, and gain the trust of individuals, whilst still challenging them to “have a go” and take part in the activities at the same time. My approach to leadership training is practical and fun!

The training I provide is ‘enabling’ and ‘doing’, meaning it is not just about knowing how to do something, but more about putting that knowledge into practice.  The objective is to replace old non-productive habits with some new exciting and fulfilling ones.

I am extremely passionate about leadership, management and personal development and I’m very much looking forward to meeting you.

Diane Mason

About Diane


My challenger – every day comes with new learning when Zola is around. Zola has not only taught me to enjoy the simple things in life such as a good work/life balance and to appreciate the surroundings that we live and work in each day, but also how important it is to give clear communication, support and direction and that mixed messages will not gain the results we want!

Diane Mason

My Business Values

I encourage everyone who attends my training programmes to leave with a set of Values, which they share with their colleagues back in the workplace. They are a brilliant way to retain accountability by giving permission to others to keep us in line.

  • No matter what the challenges of the day, I will always challenge myself to LISTEN to understand the other person’s point of view.
  • I will challenge myself to see the good in people especially when they let me down and disappoint me
  • No matter what the challenges of the day I will always maintain a positive attitude.
  • I will work hard to allow others to do things their way to achieve the ultimate result.
  • I will always apologise when my actions have had a negative effect on others, and have been brought to my attention.
  • I will always bring FUN to my work.
  • I will always challenge myself to be supportive and encourage others to achieve and be the best, they can be.
  • I will always understand that everyone is important in their own way.
  • I will always recognise that what I receive is what I have communicated.
  • I will respect the time of others.

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