Treats as well as Personal Leadership Skills with DMM Training and Development!

The Spring 2017 Open Personal Development Programme started in the middle of March with delegates travelling from far and wide to the  Monday morning sessions in Knaresborough.    Everyone wanting to work on their own known challenges, and discovering lots of new things along the way.    Having a session close to Easter, of course meant a few treats too!   The training so far has covered:

  • Understanding how our own strengths when overused become our weaknesses.
  • Understanding and raising our awareness on how our behaviours impact others and how that directly has an impact on our success – asking for feedback and then acting on it!
  • Effective communication – focusing on listening and becoming a better questioner to gain information
  • The art of delegation and using others to their strengths
  • Dealing with conflict and being more in control of difficult situations
  • Building confidence when presenting and gaining more self belief and overall confidence

The final session is on the 22nd May.

If you want to know more about the open programme, get in touch!  Change only happens when we make the change!

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