Translating Company Values into Action!

Over the Summer of 2015, we have been working closely with the Team Leaders and their Development at Gas Valve Manufacturer, FTL Company Ltd, based in Morley.

Classroom style learning was new to the majority of the delegates. Their normal day being spent on the factory floor, working and leading their operatives.   Everyone rose to the challenge throughout the 7 session programme, including presenting from the front of the room to their peer group, sharing their successes of how they had been implementing the new techniques learnt each week.  Some practical fun was always part too of the sessions, enhancing communication, problem solving and building on team co-operation and spirit.

Managing Director, Stephen Reed had this to say:

“I have always believed Great People = a Great Company. When I first met with Diane ,FTL was doing well, sales increasing, profit increasing with some new organisation challenges, but it was hard work. Initially our meeting was focussed on helping a couple of people fulfil their new role as Supervisors. As we all know the people issues are always the hardest when you start these first line management roles. This was covered admirably by the DMM Training and Development ‘Open ‘ course and the two were released to their challenges.

However, as the way with these things some things work and some don’t, it depends on the people.   At a conversation Diane and I  had off site, we started to lift the lid on reasons why the company needed so much effort to keep it on track.  It did not feel like a good or fun place to work and that was for the me too, the MD!.

The small wins we had from the initial training were being overrun with the culture at FTL, so it was time to act!   in line with a number of new appointments in Summer it was decided to run a bigger course in house for the Team Leaders and rising stars. This was well received and all the participants greatly enjoying it, personally benefitting as well as the company.  As a result, the Team now run “the ship”,  and are focussed on the KPI’s and are engaged in our core values. More change is needed to make this place a really great place to work and compete, but hey lifes just a work in progress, right?. Look forward to updating you all next year as we do more”

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