So What Do People Think? – Reviews of our training and leadership programmes

DMM Training and Development will enable you to make a change. Take a look at these reviews from some of those we inspired:

This course has changed my work life, the benefits it has brought to me which I have then passed on to colleagues are priceless. I feel I have been equipped with skills, some new and some improved, in order to make me the best I can be. Diane has both challenged me and been a support throughout. I would recommend this to anyone in a leadership position……… will not be disappointed.Justine Harrison, Service Lead, Concern Group
The course has been brilliant for my personal development. It has increased my self awareness and and I have improved in areas such as communication, delegation and dealing with underperformance. Diane has been a pleasure to work with, she has been the most motivating, encouraging and supportive leader and she is always readily available for advice and support in between sessions. The structure of the course – running over 7 months, 1 session per month – has been useful in helping us to implement our new skills and then reflect on it at the next months meeting. The group setting is also great as we formed a really supportive open and honest group and we all contributed to each other’s development. Thank you Diane!Gemma Gratian, Service Lead, Insights
This training course has been brilliant and made such a positive impact at work and home. It has been a pleasure working with the group and I’ve met some wonderful people who have really inspired me and given me confidence. Diane who leads the course is fantastic and really supportive.Emma Butler, Officer Manager, Afinite Ltd
I warmed to Diane immediately as she took the time to meet us individually before the course even started. During the course itself, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed and she was very encouraging. She was so easy to listen to, personable and friendly and ensured we knew she was available to contact at anytime. I felt she was totally committed to helping me get the most out of the course, the material was excellent and her stories and examples to reinforce the course content were fascinating. I will now use the skills she has helped me develop and continue using them. I am so grateful to Diane for building my confidence which in turn brings new opportunities in both my work and personal life.Heather Simpson, Team Leader, Ellis Bates GroupThe course has been brilliant – Diane is a fantastic trainer and the materials that were covered in the sessions have improved my working habits and how I interact with my team. I couldn’t recommend this more highly.

Sarah Purcell, Director of Planning, Home Group

The course was excellent from start to finish. Diane’s passion and enthusiasm is amazing. I know everyone on the course has really enjoyed it and has obtained a vast array of techniques and knowledge when it comes to leadership and management. I would 100% recommend Diane!Sarah Grace, HR and Ops Director, Home Group
I took so much from this course that has helped me with my role. It’s helped me understand that knowledge is only a small part of what makes you a great leader and after implementing a lot of the techniques I’ve found that my team are more motivated, productive and solving problems on their own, to great effect.Dan Svikis, Director Agency Operations, Home Group
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