Train the Trainer



A motivated and competent trainer can make the difference to the success of knowledge transfer within your organisation.  Knowledge and expertise in a subject are not enough to ensure that training is effective.

Anyone who is involved in training in your organisation, has a huge influence on the level of information retained and the successful development of employees they come into contact with.

That is why, investing in those employees you have entrusted to train others within your organisation is so important.

The benefits your organisation will gain from delivering this course:

  • Training in your organisation will become more effective.
  • Your trainers will be equipped with the skills to motivate their audience.
  • Training sessions will be more meaningful and results orientated.
  • Trainers will learn to create lasting impressions on their trainees. Making sure that the necessary skills to succeed in their roles are delivered effectively.
  • Your training staff will understand how we learn, will be well-prepared and will focus on outstanding delivery.
  • Trainers will gain excellent delivery skills to make a positive impact on others.
  • Reduce staff turnover by improving the quality of your training.
  • Save money by up-skilling your existing staff, instead of hiring someone new.

You can be sure that they will learn as much from the experience as they will the content.

Course details

3 days – Can be adjusted to suit individual training and/or team requirements.

The maximum learners is 10.    This allows each participant to have sufficient practical delivery and feedback time on the final day.