Business Coaching and beyond

Business Coaching:

A basic level of business coaching forms part of the Personal Development Programme and the Management Training and Leadership Programme. During the formal sessions tools and techniques are shared that empower the delegates to be more effective in their role. Business coaching continues on a one to one basis for those individuals who wish to participate in inter-session telephone calls.

For individuals who wish to participate in One to One Coaching, DMM Training and Development offers the following:

Diane Moisley-Mason business coaching

Personal Development Coaching

The coaching covers two key elements that make an enormous contribution to the success of the individual: These are the ability to set goals and establish the motivation to do what is necessary to achieve them.

Most successful people are goal orientated as they take time to identify what it is that they want and they build up a really clear and detailed picture of what achieving the goal will look and feel like. Setting goals gives purpose, focus, direction and motivation

Surprisingly, the majority of people spend more time planning their annual holiday than they do planning their lives. Are you one of those people?

Many people have not got a clue what they really want. In fact, when asked, most people say what they don’t want! Are you one of those people?

Leadership Coaching

Over the past couple of decades, measures to improve productivity have often resulted in significant downsizing with a result of a broadening job description and very often a change in the hierarchical corporate structure and leadership positions being created. It is unsafe however to assume that promotion bestows good leadership skills.

It can also be argued that in smaller organisations, where the owner manager retains a hands on role, the impact of their existing leadership skills will have more of a concentrated effect.

For these reasons, leadership coaching has a vital role to play in the development of leaders and the continuous development of their skills.

The 360 Degree Assessment is a great starting point when undertaking Leadership Coaching

Coaching for a Job or College Interview

I remember my 11+ and my interview for college. They were really scary and I had to draw on my own resources to get through them, there was no ‘coaching for confidence’ in those days.

Now, more by accident than design, through unofficially coaching my nephew and niece on various confidence and work issues and then being recommended to the parents of their friends, I have realised the skills used daily with my professional clients can have a huge impact on the pre-work generation.

So, if you are someone or you have a teenager who would benefit from building their confidence for an up and coming interview, then please get in touch. 

Here’s some useful initial tips on interviewing for success. 

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