360 Degree Assessment

360 Degree Assessment, Feedback & Suggested Improvement Programme.

The ‘360 Degree Assessment’ is a confidential competency based questionnaire which electronically gathers objective and honest feedback from managers, peers, subordinates, friends and family. During the 360 Degree Assessment, a panoramic view of the individual is obtained to highlight strengths, weaknesses and provide an overall gap analysis for action. Therefore the 360 Degree Assessment enables feedback and then sets out a suggested improvement plan for the individual.

Key areas for question include:                                                                                      360 degree assessment

  • Working in Partnership
  • Effective Communication
  • Leading the Team
  • Motivating and Developing Self and Others
  • Resource Planning and Organising

The results are collated into a visual report and fed back to the individual in a one-to-one meeting. Utilisation of the results ensures that the individuals skills are further enhanced within the area of leadership and management.

This assessment is also carried out as part of our Management training and Leadership programme.

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