Management into Leadership…recycling company breaks down old habits

Berryman Glass is the UK’s largest purchaser and recycler of waste glass.   Founded over 90 years ago, they are committed to providing practical solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.  Providing a fast and efficient collection service through bottle banks, kerbside and trade collections, Berryman has collection depots throughout the UK.

Over the past two years, many changes have taken place within the business through acquisition and merger,  placing Berryman in a strong position within the glass recycling business.   As a result of those structural and business changes, new challenges are now being faced by the the newly formed Senior Leadership Team, led by Mark Wilson CEO.

Mark Wilson recognises that hard work, technical knowledge and the right attitude will only get you so far.    As a Leader in a business, effective interpersonal skills with managers, peers and sub-ordinates is the key that truly unlocks a business’s full potential.

The Berryman Management into Leadership training programme kicked off in mid-December and will run over a period of 6 months.    As part of the training, 360 reviews were carried out on the 8 Delegates before the first session, which provided confidential feedback on their strengths and areas for development over the period of the training.    Each delegates shared their 360 results from the front of the room, immediately forming a new level of trust and rapport with each other which will be built upon as the training continues.

The interactive programme will focus on the inter-personal skills which are so important in developing a culture of continuous improvement, personal responsibility and ownership, effective communication and personal effectiveness.

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