Graduation Day!

Monday 24th March,  was the final day of the Winter Programme.   A full day of reflection, reporting, laughs, fantastic final presentations and an overall raised awareness of how we can become more successful, effective and happy.

Many congratulations to everyone.   You are all Stars.

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A multi – tasking Group – fully able and in control when wearing many hats!

 “Taking things less personally” especially in challenging situations, therefore more calm and at peace with myself and less frustrated.   Better communication with colleagues, resulting in more co-operation.  A greater appreciation of others and how they feel.   I highly recommend this course and Diane.  No matter where you are in your life, the simple lessons in this course can be used to add harmony and enrich everyone’s life”  Diane Houliston, Advance Cladding Ltd

“My self-control and patience has improved massively.  I communicate with my team and colleagues more and am constantly improving.  I feel calmer and more confident.  The impact of the training has been Massive!  My life is so much easier”  Andrea Questari, Green Tech Ltd



Thank you Amanda Fullerton of CT Glass Ltd, for your inspiring and personalised painted mugs.

 “I feel more confident in dealing with life’s challenges, both at home and at work”  James Morrison, Parkol Marine Engineering Ltd

 “In the main I am happier and calmer, so this approach has had a natural positive influence on those around me.  I know I can only change myself so that has been my focus.  I have taken on board all of the areas that I needed to work on, such as listening to understand rather than listening to reply.  I have also adopted fully the platinum rule and have found that this open persona has let me engage more with other individuals”   Gail Weathers, Resource Print Solutions Ltd

Group 1

Everyone’s  A Winner!

“I am now able to step back from pressure to deal with issues in a more considered frame of mind.  I am more relaxed and this creates a better atmosphere at work”  Mike Sheldon, Raworths LLP








Mike with OAA

Mike Sheldon, Raworth Solicitors – Winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award.










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