Bringing together businesses in Team Leader Development

Making it Happen!  Two inquiries were received from Harrogate businesses about Team Leader Development –   PlatinumHPL and Ellis Bates Group.  Both businesses had a requirement to train a small group of individuals who had recently been promoted.  Both busineses knew each other, so was the  prospect of a joint venture on the cards?   After a couple of phone calls and a joint venture proposed, a programme was arranged and kicked off at the beginning of March, finishing in May.    Individuals from two very different businesses, experiencing the same challenges every day – “How to get the best out of myself and my team?”    

Rapport was built quickly  with lots of giggles along the way.  Promotion at work,  although exciting, can be really daunting and have a huge impact on our self confidence and self belief.  The power of knowing that you are not on your own and hearing encouraging words as you grow into the role is invaluable.

It was  a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of individuals who are determined to be the best they can be!

A comment from one of the delegates:

“Thanks so much for all your help and guidance whilst we have been on the course. I feel I have learned so much and I will always be grateful for you helping me to develop my confidence.

I do feel more confident and whilst I will never look forward to speaking in front of a large group, I don’t think I will dread it as much next time!

I  have learned so many things from the course which I will need as a Team leader – communication, delegation, patience ….  To be honest Di, I use these in my personal life now too.

On a personal note, I found you very friendly and very easy to listen to. You have an easy-going manner and were always encouraging. The time went by quickly as you made the sessions so interesting, you are personable and as I said on my review I liked you from the start as you took the time to meet us individually before the course even started.   You were totally committed to helping us get the most out of the course, your material was excellent, concise and well-presented, and your stories and examples to reinforce the course content were fascinating.”  


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