“Beyond Boundaries”

Turn Key, Leeds based Integrated Marketing and PR Agency pride themselves on pushing creative thinking and client service ‘beyond boundaries’.  Nik Entwistle, Managing Director recognises the importance of continued investment in his team, ensuring individual comfort zones and boundaries are constantly being challenged resulting in continuing growth and an exciting and expanding client list.

So, comfort zones were stretched, pulled, pushed and crossed by a further 8 members of the Turn Key team during a One Day workshop incorporating high impact business communications and presentations, learning techniques which can be used in formal and informal situations.      Bringing fun into a serious subject of creating the right first impression and becoming a more influential communicator,  Diane challenged  everyone to raise their bar and awareness.

Darren and Diane

It is important to recognise improvement, and special recognition was given to Designer, Darren Jaques.      The winner of the Day’s Contribution and Application Award.

” Thank you it was a really interesting day.   I was really surprised by the results and, despite hating public speaking when we started, I felt it helped me gain a lot of confidence.   I thought everyone in the group showed real development with each presentation, and despite dreading it before hand, being pushed way out of my comfort zone was definitely beneficial.  Thanks again for your time.   I have a client presentation tomorrow so I will put what I have  learnt to good use!”    Darren Jaques





















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