Autumn 2014 Personal Development Programme – Dates Scheduled

We are pleased to announce the dates of the Autumn Personal Development Programme.   The training will be held at the Dower House Hotel in Knaresborough.


Session 1                   Monday 27th October 2014                     9am to 1pm

Session 2                   Monday 3rd November 2014                  9am to 1pm

Session 3                   Monday 10th November 2014                9am to 1pm

Session 4                   Monday 17th November 2014                9am to 1pm

Session 5                   Monday 24th November 2014                9am to 1pm

Session 6                   Monday 1st December 2014                     9am to 1pm

Final Day                   Monday 15th December 2014                 9am to 5pm*

*Lunch provided


Why should I or a member of my team attend this Personal Development Programme?

Well don’t take our word for it,  the following is from the Evaluation Form of a recent Graduate.


The importance of an open mind – I have rediscovered that is it invaluable to enter into all situations with an openness and to be in receipt of all the facts before making rash decisions or conclusions.

An acceptance that I am who I am and within this I can only change myself – no-one else.  This lesson has enabled me to become calmer in how I approach situations or individuals.

The significance of drawing out a relationship map – putting the jigsaw together helped me define responsibilities and priorities and brought back some logic into my working environment.

The impact I have on others and the way my attitude can make or break a situation – I started to see that when I was negative so were other people, but when I brought positivity or presented my persona in a more approachable way, other people positive too.  This was very cathartic for me.

The reality of perception.  I started to look at this differently and related how I probably could be judgemental without wanting or meaning to be – so I started to step back and see the bigger picture before arriving at conclusions. Again, very helpful in my line of work.

The value of continued learning and the cycle of development.  I have learnt so much not only from Diane but from the others in the group and I will definitely put this learning into practice in my company.

I have realised that I am the only one who can create the motivation within me and make changes – and to do something powerful with those changes.



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