About DMM – My approach to leadership training


I have always loved working with people and my leadership training and development work has given me the opportunity to work closely with a cross section of individuals from many different roles, including Managing Directors, CEO’s, Senior and Middle management and Junior team members.

You probably know that our minds are habitual machines.  Most of what we do, think, and feel is exactly the same as we did, thought and felt yesterday.  So, if most of our behaviour is pretty much on auto-pilot, then nothing changes until we consciously do something new.

I have a natural ability to both connect with and gain the trust of my programme attendees, whilst still challenging them to “have a go” and take part in the activities at the same time.


Anybody who attends one of my leadership training programmes will find that I am positive and down to earth.

The training is ‘enabling’, ‘doing’ meaning it is not just about knowing how to do something, but more about putting that knowledge into practice.   The objective is to replace old non productive habits with some new exciting and fulfilling ones.

My approach to leadership training is practical and fun.

I will enable you to decide what changes you need to make and assist you with the motivation required to make those changes and provide you with practical techniques to help you develop and maintain those new skills.

I am extremely passionate about leadership, management and personal development and I’m very much looking forward to meeting you.

Diane Mason

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